SEO when expanded Search Engine Optimization, which means that we are Optimizing or Refining or Fine Tuning our website for SERP. SERP or Search Engine Results Page is the page where a search engine displays its results for a query.

Google SERP

This is Sample SERP and the query is – who is the president of america

Similarly, when it comes to business people search for Products & Services through different search engines. You have to keep it in mind that, Google’s share in search market is 86.86%, that means your website has to be optimized for Google’s Search Results.

Why to do SEO –

  1. To get traffic in your website
  2. Builds your Brand
  3. Increases your Credibility & Authority
  4. Stay ahead of your Competitors.

How SEO benefits in Business –

Customers looking for specific Products or Services will reach to your website. You will get quality leads, which is later converted into Sales.

Moreover Local SEO will help to publish Phone Numbers, Our Location in Google Maps, Work Timings, Reviews of our Customers, Photos & Videos of our Office, Online Appointments, On-site Services etc.

A mobile friendly or responsive website is a key factor of modern SEO. As per the reports most of our customers approach our website through mobile phones.

Yellow Pages, Directory Websites and other related websites also push traffic to your website.

How SEO & Social Media is interconnected –

Social Medias plays a vital role in today’s society as well as in Business. Promotions, Marketing Campaigns, Product Launches, Seasonal & Festival Offers etc. are using of different Social Media Platforms to perform. Thus Social Media Optimization too became the part of SEO, from today’s point of view.

Social Media platforms also redirect traffic to your website and this engages customers in our website & later to a quality lead. Similarly we can share latest updates in our website like Offers, Events etc. through different Social Medias. Thus our followers in different Social Media Platforms get recent updates.

Conclusion on SEO as a long term investment –

Business is always an art of making Profit in respective domains. A perfectly designed website with good SEO and Social Media interconnection will give outstanding results for your website. Thus SEO becomes a Long Term Investment for your business.

Author: Gleo George founder of Minds